Visiting “Love When You Say Love” (a review)

What’s in a name? In the case of Odilia Rivera Santos,  an infinite amount of words that capture the essence of life as seen through her eyes and experienced in her life.

I met Odilia online several years ago during my earlier venture into the blogosphere,  Efrain’s Corner. Soon after, I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and listening to her perform. And I say, simply amazing.


Odilia is a writer that transcends the norm. Her passion for writing is evident in her everyday social media postings and throughout the several blogs that she hosts.  So, it was to no surprise, when I read her new poetry e-book entitled, “Love When You Say Love,” that it continued on with that very same flare and passion. It’s what I call, a poetic journey through a lovescapade and a solid rock and cushion enmeshed into oneness. At times you’re in love and at others you’re out of love. This collection of poetry leaves no stone unturned. Indeed, a great read!

You may visit this Afro-Puerto Rican writer via her online writing…