A few words on the Senseless Killings in America…

It continues to happen. The senseless killings go on. Not just around the world but in our own backyards. You know what it’s about. It’s about the never-ending cycle of being considered less than in America. It in an embedded trait, embedded in the American conscious long ago. So long ago that to kill a dark skin boy or man, no matter the circumstance, is immediately portrayed as an act of self-defense.

Today’s America is no different from the America of our past. It  purports to be a society where equal rights have made gains,yet underneath the layers of this American system lies the same racist attitudes that existed since its foundation.

There is one thing that comes with a guarantee in America. That is, that we will see more like the senseless killing of Jordan Davis in our future because no matter what term is used to coin the so-called equal rights progress made, one need only look under the rug and see where the racism has been swept, that is, of course, after the blindfolds are removed.


I call it, mediocre justice


Ignorance is Ignorance

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” -Marcus Garvey

And so, here we are in these United States of America and I find myself thinking of that quote. That is, after reading about the outcry after Marc Anthony’s singing of “God Bless America” by mostly disgruntled and ignorant baseball fans. None of this amazes me, especially when it’s on the heels of the Zimmerman trial. Point is, if a recent white immigrant were on the same stage singing “God Bless America,” I’m sure there wouldn’t be an outcry.

Yes, I take any and all comments as an affront. I, like Marc Anthony, was born and raised in New York to Puerto Rican parents. I served 22 years in the U.S military. Need I say more? No, there’s nothing to prove. The ignorant have done well at proving that they are ignorant.



Let’s face it. We continue to live in a bubble and continue to ignore the obvious, that racism, bigotry and discrimination are alive, well and thriving. It’s not that we have come full circle, but rather that these very things have been brushed aside and have become more like the norm.

America’s fabric is torn and bursting at the seams. Whether it’s the Zimmerman trial, immigration debate or Marc Anthony’s singing of “God Bless America,” the education system has failed in teaching the real history of these United States of America in relation to its Latino population.

In the end, we are simply left with ignorance.
And ignorance, is just that..ignorance!