A Post Racial America is a Delusion

1373408206929_travonmartin2Trayvon Martin, on that one fateful night in February of 2012, met the judge, jury and executioner all in one, George Zimmerman. The bag of Skittles that he carried never withstood a chance against the gun that Zimmerman carried. Zimmerman, however, stood in front of a jury of his peers and a judge and was found not guilty of killing Martin.

History is always one-sided. Such is the case in Trayvon’s death. What happened on that fateful night is Zimmerman’s story, his-story. Martin’s story ended with a bullet to his chest at close range.

This leaves us in a void, a society void of belief in a post racial America. Some fifty years after Martin Luther King’s ” I Have a Dream” speech we find ourselves under the command of a two term black President. Yet, we still have to question whether we really live in a post racial America or not.

How do we explain, not only this case, but the many other cases that recieve far less attention, to the young Trayvon Martins of this American society. It seems that a post racial America is merely one that has relegated to sweeping the obvoius under the rug. The obvious being that on the surface not much has changed after all. Keep believing but a post racial America is a delusion.

The struggle continues. We’re a far cry from being judged by the content of our character.