Deeper Than That

There are no trinkets to be worn

There are no flags to fly

No shouting at the top of my lungs

No t-shirt blasting my deeper than that pride

No bandana wrapped around my head

No float I want to see passing by

For my pride….is deeper than that

Deeper than all the commercialism

Far deeper than the corporate capitalist..getting rich off the backs of the very same parade viewers

Deeper than the politician waving a flag for support

Saying vote for me, vote for me..

To celebrate and show cultural pride ; there’s nothing wrong with that

I shouted and waved the same

Before Albizu flowed through my veins

Before de Burgos beat in my heart

Before Campeche painted my eyes

Before I knew from where I came

Not for not wanting, not for want to ignore

One sided histories made for want of more and more

There are things that can’t be changed

Like the blood that flows through my veins

Blood that flows like a thousand waving flags

In sync and in harmony

With a heart that pulsates the song of a lone star

My hairs stand at the sweet sound of “La Borinquena”

Blood knows of origins in another land

Land once tended by indigenous hands

Land that gave birth to my forbearers

Etched deep within the skin I’m in

La bandera in my soul

I affirm my identity with that of the forbearers

And proclaim… pride is deeper than that.

© Efrain Ortiz Jr.


Visiting “Love When You Say Love” (a review)

What’s in a name? In the case of Odilia Rivera Santos,  an infinite amount of words that capture the essence of life as seen through her eyes and experienced in her life.

I met Odilia online several years ago during my earlier venture into the blogosphere,  Efrain’s Corner. Soon after, I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and listening to her perform. And I say, simply amazing.


Odilia is a writer that transcends the norm. Her passion for writing is evident in her everyday social media postings and throughout the several blogs that she hosts.  So, it was to no surprise, when I read her new poetry e-book entitled, “Love When You Say Love,” that it continued on with that very same flare and passion. It’s what I call, a poetic journey through a lovescapade and a solid rock and cushion enmeshed into oneness. At times you’re in love and at others you’re out of love. This collection of poetry leaves no stone unturned. Indeed, a great read!

You may visit this Afro-Puerto Rican writer via her online writing…

About Life…

What is it about life

That which cradles and caresses

Yet, fills with the angst of one hundred lashes

The sunshine

The pain

Some days seem like one and the same

Could it be a childhood long gone

The memories it has taken

Embedded ever so deeply in the mind

Unconsciously teetering on the edge of sunshine

Much later the sublime is that which cradles and caresses

Yet, perturbs with the angst of one hundred lashes

Some days seeming about life

© Efrain Ortiz Jr