Just Dive In

Where to begin? The easiest way would be to just dive in. After all, this isn’t a new beginning but more like an expansion. Allow me to further explain:

keep-calm-and-dive-in-5I began writing at another blog I entitled “Efrain’s Corner“, at which I mainly focused on a Puerto Rican theme. I’ve since realized that, being American born of Puerto Rican descent, there is much more than that. My experiences have molded me to the extent that my perspectives have changed as well, as they do many of us.

As a young man, I never gave much thought to leery eyes in a department stores but as I grew older and became more aware of the stares I began to question the reasons for it. After all, was I not an ordinary shopper, was I not a law-abiding citizen, was I not a veteran? It was that and more that brings me to this point. But all that, will be left for a later date.