Makes Me Wanna… Take Notes

It is said that writing is therapy. Well then,  at the current moment I should be writing up a storm. But then, it would probably be a tell all. Some days it seems like there is so much crumbling going on around me that I feel like letting out a scream. A scream may be simplifying matters. I’m sure there’s some rage and pain in there somewhere. My senses and self discipline catch a hold of me and keep me level headed though.

Some where along the way, I will figure out how to put all this out there. Until then, it’s all a note taking process. Here, there, a notepad,  my android… there are notes waiting to find their respective places in my journey through the maze of life. There will  be a time and a place for it all. That, I’m sure of.

Until then, I’ll keep taking notes…


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